Each year when the budget Nigeria is released, one of the permanent features of all the ministries and agencies is the purchase, fuelling and maintenance of plant/generators. The issue of plant/generators and its maintenance has become the proverbial tortoise that cannot elude a folk tale. This is taking advantage of the fact that Nigeria lacks steady power and therefore, the ministries and the agencies of the federal government inevitably provide alternative power supply which leads them to pounce on the public funds to make provision for purchase, fuel and maintenance of plant/generators needed to run the daily activities of the federal government.

There might not be many contentions with that, as there are evidences of such allocations in the budget of other developing countries. However, certain practices in the budgeting for generators and its fuelling and maintenance need thorough explanation to the general public on allocating huge sums of public funds to that effect by ministries, agencies and other locations where there is no necessity.

By Chukwuma Smart Amaefula